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Beautiful Butterflies <3


I took these butterfly pics at Deep Cut Gardens, a park in NJ, with my telephoto lens on my Canon T1i. Aren’t they beautiful and photogenic?


Rose Photos!

I took pics of this rose at Deep Cut Gardens, a park in NJ, with my Canon T1i Rebel. I thought the colors were so pretty!

Nothing Gold Can Stay


Just some beautiful pictures I took by the lake near my house…

Flower Photos By: Me

Some pictures I took at Deep Cut Gardens… So beautiful!


I live near two lakes by my house, and I always see dragonflies flying all over the place. When I first bought myself a Canon, I decided to take a ride over to the lake. I told my husband that I would not leave until I took two photos of the dragonflies. This was quite difficult since dragonflies fly around so rapidly. I managed to take two good photos and I wanted to share! Enjoy!



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