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Beautiful Butterflies <3


I took these butterfly pics at Deep Cut Gardens, a park in NJ, with my telephoto lens on my Canon T1i. Aren’t they beautiful and photogenic?


Rose Photos!

I took pics of this rose at Deep Cut Gardens, a park in NJ, with my Canon T1i Rebel. I thought the colors were so pretty!

So dawn goes down to day, nothing gold can stay–Frost

Pretty in Pink

The Fleeting Beauty of Nature

Just some random photos!

Bushkill Falls…..


Nothing Gold Can Stay


Just some beautiful pictures I took by the lake near my house…

Flower Photos By: Me

Some pictures I took at Deep Cut Gardens… So beautiful!


I live near two lakes by my house, and I always see dragonflies flying all over the place. When I first bought myself a Canon, I decided to take a ride over to the lake. I told my husband that I would not leave until I took two photos of the dragonflies. This was quite difficult since dragonflies fly around so rapidly. I managed to take two good photos and I wanted to share! Enjoy!



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